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Surprisingly Great Rates

Brand Campaign:

Broadcast, OLV, Social


Agency - TMA

Director - Kenny Herzog

Production - O Positive

Editor - Lawrence Young

Post - Cosmo Street

Millennials around the world are parting ways with their daily $11 oat milk lattes, boujee gym memberships, and streaming services all because they have to get insurance. Little do they know, State Farm offers rates at a price that allows them to have it all.

This campaign shows consumers saying goodbye to their most beloved monthly purchases in literally the most dramatic ways. And that’s because giving up the things that add to your quality of life is dramatic. We tapped into millennial passion points and leaned hard into movie tropes and relatable situations to tell a story that the audience can see themselves in.

My Role

Worked closely with my copywriting partner to develop the campaign concept and spot.  Responsible for casting, heavily involved in wardrobe and set direction and was an active member on set during production. My partner and I worked closely with our editor at Cosmo Street to finalize all pieces of content in the campaign.

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