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Music Education

Experiential + Content


Agency - TMA

State Farm's Neighborhood of Good showed up at 7 festivals over the summer of 2019 with an interactive experience that focused on bringing music education to more youth across the country.

Music Festival_edited.jpg
Activation Space
Festival Activity_edited.jpg
Festival Activity_edited.jpg
Festival Activation

We turned the most common activities at a music festival into a way to generate a digital currency...  People sang, danced, listened and rocked out in our footprint to raise money that State Farm then matched and donated to nonprofit Notes for Notes.

At two country festivals, State Farm enlisted the help of Lauren Alaina, who made time to mentor the aspiring young artists from Notes for Notes while continuing to raise awareness and funds for the nonprofit.

My Role

Assisted in concept development. Worked with vendors to develop physical footprint as well as the interactive technology inside.

Attended music festivals to direct photographers and videographers with content capture.

Assisted with the development of episodic content detailing State Farm's partnership with Lauren Alaina. Created storyboards and attended production with talent.

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