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Jake from State Farm

Creating a Spokesperson


Agency - TMA

How do you bring back a character that had one line in a commercial 11 years ago that people won't forget? You make him cool, you make him relatable, and you put him everywhere. Like, actually... 


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Screen Shot 2021-11-10 at 5.11.59 PM.png
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Since reintroducing Jake as a character, we’ve strategically used his social platforms to establish his personality as a spokesperson and influencer, organically growing his following along the way. We work hard to make Jake a relatable, down to earth representative of the brand so that the consumer audience can reshape their perception of State Farm. Jake’s following has grown enormously and continues to grow to this day.

My Role

Had a key role in the pitch on how to bring Jake from State Farm back to life.


Brainstormed, produced and executed creative across multiple platforms to help define Jake's personality and character, making him relatable to the masses.


Traveled to facilitate and art director photo shoots to create a Jake from State Farm content library.

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